Hidden Power in Magic Stones!

Did you know that stones or gemstones are believed to have magical power that can give us many benefits if we wear or have them? Magicians and Occultists maintain that specific stones hold magical and healing properties for their owner. Here the list of some famous stones and their respective magical power effect to human. Most of them are birthstones and some of them might appear to be your birthstones!

If you are not sure whether which of these stones below is your birthstone, you can find out by visiting this link here:

Agate: This stone gives you courage and protect you from danger. It brings strength, balance, luck, wealth and happiness. Also this gem is supposed to be the only cure for insomnia. The wearer of this gemstone will usually get a very peaceful and comfortable sleep and will not be disturbed by frightening or scary dreams. Agates are considered power stones. It enhances the mending of breaks and fractures. Useful in the treatment of arthritic conditions.

Amber: This natural ionizer provides protection from harmful radiation. It is a good chakra healer and cleanser. It protects the wearer from witchcraft and bad energy. It treats the stomach, throat, spleen, bladder, kidneys, gallbladder and liver. It also alleviates joint problems and strengthen the mucus membranes.

Amethyst: This violet color stone is regarded as a Spiritual Stone because of its color which represents that of crown chakra and has been used for thousands of years in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. It reduces stress, so it is good for overstressed and overworked people. It is also believed to prevent intoxication, relieves insomnia and remove hallucinations and illusions.

Aquamarine: This is a lucky stone for all sailors. Aquamarine is supposed to protect them and give them luck while at sea. This magical sea stone helps the sailors to get in touch with the nature spirits from the sea. It improves communication skills and is useful for couples who have trouble communicating with each other. Excellent gems for all throat and chest complaints.

Bloodstone: Since it originated at the time of the Crucifixion, with drops of Christ’s blood falling and stained on the jasper stones at the foot of the cross, bloodstone is believed to be a very magical stone. Bloodstone relieves bowel and stomach pain. It has a positive influence on a bladder. Bloodstone strengthens blood purifying organs and improves blood circulation.

Diamond: Symbolize attraction and sexual powers. Good for actors and stage performers like magicians, dancers etc. Diamond is also said to be an amplifier stone. If the owner is good, it amplifies their goodness. If the owner is egotistical, selfish or evil, it will amplify those qualities as well. In ancient India, diamonds were not cut for fear that the stone would lose its magical properties. Since diamond is cold and hard, Indian vedic experts believe that diamonds shouldn’t be given to a woman because the cold and hardness of the stone will be absorbed, making her cold and hard toward her children and husband.

Emerald: The stone of prosperity and riches. Emerald is best known as a stone of both spiritual healing and spiritual love, and it is the magical gemstone most frequently recommended for the "wounded healer". It also encourages love, clear vision, memory, intelligence, communication, inspiration, joy, intuition, beauty, clairvoyance, sensuality, cleansing, romance, harmony, friendship, justice and unity. Many women over the centuries have chosen this gemstone over Diamond as their wedding stone.

Garnet: This stone should be carried close to the body as to maximize its magical power. It has the ability to protect the wearer from evil spirits and will change its color in the presence of danger. It also promotes optimism, self-confidence, good health, give courage, increase your vitality and stamina. It is the stone used by soldiers in the past or those who were involved in a battle.

Jade: It is the stone of health, prosperity and happiness. Jade stone is best known as a good luck stone. It gives peace, wisdom, energies, love, harmony, longevity and wealth. It helps bring serenity to the mind and alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions. This stone can give the wearer an alert sign if danger is approaching by changing its color to pale or break into peaces out of a sudden. When it comes to tranquility and peace, jade stone is one of the leaders in the numerous minerals thhat can be chosen.

Malachite: This stone is believed to have magical protection against lightning and other disasters in nature. It reduces the disturbing effect of vertigo in high places and overcome animal bites or insect poison. Malachite is used as a children's talisman to ward off illness and danger. It is attached to infant's cradles.

Moonstone: In modern occultism, moonstone is one of the most important healing gems. It is especially useful for enhancing female psychic abilities. This stone improves memory, brings precognitive dreams, inspires poetic imagination, balancing one’s emotions and healing reproductive disorders.

Onyx: This is also a very good stone for people who are doing business. When choosing the best decision for yourself, this stone can be a great one as it is a good stimulator and can be used to enhance self control over a situation. This stone is also especially good for people who are under stress and have trouble sleeping. It eliminates negative thinking and protects from negative forces and influences.

Opal: Being the most mysterious gemstones because of its magic behind the mystery of its colorful dance with light, this stone was once considered unlucky, but now it is believed that this stone is an amplifier. It turns up the power in everything. In everyday life, it turns up your emotions and heightening your experience. If someone has an attempt to use it for bad purposes was doomed not only to fail but also bring ill luck to the owner. It is not recommended to use this stone as a full-time companion gem. There are days when people are just not ready or prepared to feel the full effects of life. You can keep your Opal packed away for those days.

Peridot: Peridot was believed to have the power to dissolve enchantments and protects the wearer from evil spirits. It is also believed to be a powerful love amulet. It increases strength & physical vitality. The ancients believed that in order to increase the magical power of peridot, this crystal has to be set in gold and worn on the left side of the body.

Pearl: As an emblem of modesty, purity and chastity, the pearl symbolizes love, success, and happiness. it strengthen the heart and eliminate emotional imbalances. It is also associated with protection and wealth. Pearls have an excellent remedial powers in the diseases commonly afflicting women. It also gives a calming influence and keeps the mind steady and focused.

Ruby: This powerful magical red stone will make you famous, fearless and gain the quality to command many people if you wear it. It also improve your relations with your business partners, staff, family members and occupy a respected position in the society. The will power and spirit of the wearer will be strengthened.

Sapphire: This ‘magic’ gem was the favorite stone of choice for king and high priests. This is a stone used to boost up optimism, faith, hope, wisdom and prevent fear. People who wears this stone will be guided to make correct decision during difficult situation. It is the also the stone used to ward off evil and negative energy. Sapphire bestows spiritual enlightenment and inner peace upon its wearer. It turns pale when trouble is approaching.

Topaz: legend says that topaz has the magic power to dispel enchanment. It provides the wearer with strength, self-confidence and protection. Topaz was said to change its colour in the presence of poisoned drink or food. It protects love and marriage. Said to increase cosmic awareness, purify emotions and remove stagnant energy. Greeks believed that topaz had the magic power to make the wearer become invisible.

Tourmaline: This stone is well known for its incredible magical ability to aid in the detoxification proccess of the human body. It also has the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. It has been historically revered as a "magic" stone because of ts capability of changing its color in different forms of light and protect whoever that wore it. This stone is also known to increase mental alertness, improve circulation, aid in relieving stress and strengthen the immune system. It is a great powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments.

Turquoise: Considered as a lucky stone, turquoise is said to attract prosperity and success. Tibetans carved Turquoise into ritual objects and wearing it in traditional jewelry. Prized as a powerful talisman with healing properties, this stone also can warn the wearer of danger or illness by changing its color. In Asia, this stone was considered a protection against the evil eye.

Zircon: This stone has the power to ward of plague, wounds and injuries. Those who wear Zircon and come in close proximity with the plague, this gems supposedly would turn dull. Zircon also prevents nightmares and ensures a deep tranquil sleep.

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