Easy way to hypnotize someone

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool that mind experts might talk about today. Hypnosis is about accessing a person’s subconscious mind directly and put the conscious mind in the backseat. The conscious mind controls the thoughts you are aware, such as when you make conscious decisions, calculate something or wonder about something. Hypnotists are communicating with the subconscious, which stores many memories and deep emotions. You normally led the subconscious control things that you know so well that you do them automatically like walking or talking. Subconscious mind is a part of your brain which you cannot control on your own, it is so powerful and it can get things right or wrong for you!

You can hypnotize a person by making her or him concentrate, relax and open to the conversation with you. Making the person to sit comfortably in a calm atmosphere is a good idea, but it’s better ask her or him not to lie down as there are chances of the person falling asleep. It would work better if you dim down the light and provide the room with candle lights.

Start to talk to the person in a soothing voice (it doesn't have to be monotone) and bring up various positive subjects. Ask your subject to close his or her eyes and take deep breaths. Make your subject concentrate on different parts of the body and relax them. You can use language such as "Concentrate on your arms, feel your muscles getting loose..." Ask the person to concentrate and repeat this type of instruction for different areas of the body. Repeat this if necessary, for most people 10 to 15 minutes will be enough.

Focusing on the hypnotist's voice while he leads the subject step by step, as slowlly as needed into deep trance, which is more effective and works on most people. The connection between the hypnotist to the subconscious mind is through comfort and relaxation.

Once your partner is well relaxed and in happy mood, he or she will feel so good as to give away the conscious for a while and led his or her sunconscious mind totally take over. This is the time to make a powerful hypnotic suggestions because his or her subconscious mind at this time will open wide to any suggestions.

In order to bring your subject back to normal state, count from 1 to 10 and ask the person to open his or her eyes slowly. This time, make your voice a little less soothing while counting.

Believe it or not, it can be that simple!

But do note that people who are under hypnosis will obey what you ask them to do, as long as the request is within the persons moral limits.

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